Tech Tuesday :: Hipmunk Gets Organized

[trip style = any]

Earlier this year we wrote about a new flight search tool called Hipmunk that organizes results in a visual timeline format by agony---a measure of price, duration and number of stops. Why is this significant? Most traditional travel meta search engines show flights in a list format, meaning you have to scroll through hundreds of options. This takes time; Hipmunk's version is a little more user-friendly for the right-brained among us.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the travel search engine {with a chipmunk wearing flight goggles as the mascot}, take notice because you'll appreciate some recently added, time-saving features: - First, they now offer a hotel search in addition to their popular flight search. - Second, they are the FIRST to integrate your Google Calendar into their search.

For both hotels and flights, Hipmunk now automatically shows information from your Google Calendar that’ll help you pick the right trip, based on your availability. This new technology is perfect for the person who has more coloured blocks in their calendar than a lego castle. Integrating your calendar requires you create a Hipmunk account, then follow a few easy steps.

Busy bees, take note. Organizing your flight time just got a little easier.

PS - Cool factoid: If you Google Hip Munk Trip Styler comes up as the second search result!

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[image via Hipmunk website]