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living social escapes app[trip style = budget] Within the past six months, livingsocial {a competitor of the group couponing site Groupon} came out with an escapes program. In addition to the daily deals offered on teeth whitening, flower arrangements or gym memberships, livingsocial has expanded their coupons---more accurately described as vouchers---to include packaged getaways to nearby and international locales.

The travel deals, usually available only four days on the app/site before they expire, show all package and property details including pictures, savings, amount of "coupons"  purchased, and days remaining before the offer expires. Though the hotels don't represent a fancy collection of curated properties, some peaked my interest with escapes in:

  • Sooke, BC {2-person, two night stay in oceanfront room, daily breakfast, mead and cheese tasting, $218}
  • Banff, Alberta {2-person weekend escape, includes rivier rafting and happy hour bevvie credit,$369}
  • La Romana, Dominican Republic {2-person, 5-night, all-inclusive, bring 2 kids under 12 for free, $699}
  • Mission Beach, Australia {2-person, 2-night stay, bottle of champagne, daily breakfast, $354}

The reason this daily-deal-website-turned-partial-travel-app's escapes are worth mentioning is a) it's interesting to browse discounted local and international escapes, b) there are usually significant add-ons to each stay like breakfast or champagne on arrival, and c) if something catches your eye, share it with three of your friends and get a free stay {or you and your friends each get 25% off}. It's your choice. Bon voyage!

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