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If your next trip style happens to be urban, you'll love this app.

In some destinations, using public transit is a simple, efficient and cost effective way to roam from neighborhood to neighborhood. And in cities like London, Paris and Hong Kong, public transit systems are an integral part of the city's heart, pumping passengers from one valve to the next.

MetrO, a worldwide public transport app, helps you navigate tubes, subways, metros, buses, trams, railways and sky trains in more than 400 cities. The best part about this app, aside from its stellar usability, is it's not dependant on a wireless connection. Before you get to your destination, just click on the city you're visiting to download their system to your smartphone.

I just downloaded Vancouver's to see if this app is all it's cracked up to be, and was really impressed by its simplicity and step by step directions/instructions for the routes I tested---some basic and some complicated.


  • Free
  • Works with iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, and Blackberry
  • Android is on the company's radar

PS - I used the trusty TomTom app {wrote about it Jan. 18th} this weekend to navigate Scottsdale's roads. Though I've used it before, I was reminded of what a great little investment "Tom" really is. When it gives directions, I can't express HOW helpful it is to be reminded multiple times prior to an upcoming turn, including a reminder RIGHT before your turn, just in case you're confused...

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