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Just released last week, the Google Translate app dazzles. Seriously, I can't stop playing with it and trying to stump it with strange translations. Using the app for the first time, the possibilities are endless for travel usefulness and crossing language barriers.

What makes it awesome: a) the laser speed by which it translates b) the amount of languages it supports (57) c) it's free d) the audio function * translate by speaking the text instead of typing it (15 languages) * listen to your translations spoken aloud (23 languages) e) the full screen mode, making the translation easy to show others f) offline support: star your favorite translations for quick access when you're not connected to wifi

How it Works After setting your translate from and to languages, write {or paste} text or speak into your iPhone for a split-second translation. Per the above point, this app does rely on the internet, so if you're offline, I highly suggest saving some phrases you'll regularly use so you can access them in a pinch!


  • Works with iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
  • For other mobile platforms, use the google mobile app {which contains a translate function}

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