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{Editor's Note :: Congrats to Lauren, our Travel Beauty contributor who just had a baby boy! While Lauren's settling into motherhood and dreaming up her first family trip, I've rounded up a few ideas for jetsetting with a fresh and beautiful smile.}

Last weekend I did a trip style = weekend getaway trip in Seattle with 7 girls to celebrate a friend's birthday and do some power shopping. Aside from driving, eating and sleeping, we spent most of the weekend's waking hours in the shoe department of Nordstrom and at The Bellevue Collection. After shopping for nearly 8 hours and eating grab-and-go food, we were all c-r-a-v-i-n-g our toothbrushes! We'd remembered to bring them in our overnight bags, but not in our day bags.

Whether you're power shopping like us, sightseeing or on an all-night flight, one way to help you feel awake and clean is to sneak in a few teeth brushing sessions when you run to the loo. Believe me, your friends and seat mates will thank you!

With this in mind, here are a few ways to give your mouth a cinnamony or minty shower when you can't run back to your room to do a full brush:

On-The-Go Teeth Brushing Solutions 1. Travel toothbrush and toothpaste, from $2.00 2. denta*burst Brush And Go: textured teeth wipes, from $3.00 3. Colgate Wisp: portable mini brush {needs no water or toothpaste}, from $8.00 4. Pearly Wipes: textured teeth wipes and stain remover, from $7.00

{Trip Styler Tip :: If it's 11pm, you've already donned your robe and slippers and realize you've forgotten your toothbrush, call the front desk of your hotel and ask if they have any travel toothbrushes available. Most nicer hotels keep these items on-hand, but don't advertise it.}

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