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free wifi on amtrak cascades[trip style = train]

Have you ever wanted to take the train to a destination, but opted for other transport because the travel time was too lengthy? Some train travel is bullet-fast and crazy efficient as evidenced in Asia and Europe, other times it's slow and steady, but does that win the race? Full wireless connectivity on trains is a trend that's been around for a few years on the east coast and major routes, but has taken awhile to make its way up the West Coast. Until now.

Why I Love Wifi on Trains Earlier this summer I took a Via Rail train from Ottawa to Montreal, and LOVED the fact I could immediately connect to wifi in the terminals and on the train. It made the journey efficient {thus enjoyable} because I was able to get lots of work done, which meant I could spend more time in my destination exploring.

Where is the Love? Over the past few months, I've taken two trips to Portland and despite desperately wanting to take the train, both times got there road-trip style. Why? Because the Amtrak Cascades, the train running between Vancouver, BC and Eugene, OR didn't have wifi. Yes, I know the scenery is stunning, but 8 hours {in the middle of the day} on a train sans wifi? Non Merci.

The Love Thank goodness Amtrak is getting on track {pun intended} with not only wifi, but free wifi! Redeemed! I bet it will seriously increase their ridership, which was already record-braking in 2010! Whether you wifi your way to Seattle or Portland, or take the Coast Starlight all the way to LA, your trip just got a little easier and more entertaining with wifi. Hulu anyone? {Hulu is a website featuring a ton of popular TV shows which you can only access in the US.}

Now, if only they'd allow dogs...

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