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Whistler Blackcomb New Iphone App[trip style = ski] I know, it seems a bit weird to be talking about a ski mountain{s} app when the weather is warmer, days are longer and summer is more than just a distant dream. But, just in time for spring skiing bliss {& summer mountain biking}, Whistler Blackcomb has launched their first app, and it's tres cool.

This past weekend I took the app for a test driveski. Now, I'm not sure how I'll ever ski without it, here's why: it maps your movement via gps; tracks your vertical, distance, moving time, max speed, average speed; and records your ski days. Also see a map of where you've skied {below}, so no playing hooky eating waffles all day in the Crystal Hut.

Screenshots Here are a few screenshots of the app when I used it on Saturday. If you look closely, yes, I know it's lame I only did 5 runs; technically speaking, I think I did 6, but who's counting? screenshots of whistler blackcomb app

NOTE: Using this app is like running a TomTom GPS navigation system on your iPhone: it drains your batteries quickly, so make sure your phone is FULLY CHARGED before you hit the slopes. In case you forget and run the app anyway, it will automatically shut off if your phone battery gets down to 20%.


  • Free
  • Works with iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
  • Available for Android, but for blackberry you'll have to use an older-school app or the mobile site
  • Track: lift status, trail conditions
  • Weather & snow report
  • Maps
  • Webcams
  • GPS-enabled – track your vertical
  • Share photos and events to twitter & facebook

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