Fashionable Flashpacking

[trip style = any]

I resent the idea that flashpacking is associated with hostels, polar fleece and Crocs {which I'm not dissing, except for Crocs---not even at the campsite people!}. Flashpacking's roots rest in backpacking, romanticizing an upmarket version sans the bulky bag, clanging pots and pans, and extras. Just the essentials. The problem is, the word flashpacking doesn't really describe minimalist, tech-focused hostel-hopping---maybe it should be called technopacking?

At Trip Styler, we think flashpacking means packing fast and fashionably. Period. Who has time to plan outfits for hours and stuff 10 dresses, six pairs of pants, 15 tops, seven pairs of shoes, an ionic hairdryer, and the kitchen sink into a bag and THEN pack and repack on a trip? Not me, not you and certainly not yo momma!

Less is more on the road, and less does not equate to zero style, hence the above graphic---just think of the exponential outfit possibilities.

Fashionable Flashacking HOW-TOs - make a list: I like the Kayak app's packing list feature {which I reuse and re-interepret for every trip} - plan your outfits in advance and tackle 'em from head to toe - seek in-season outfit inspiration via your fave fashion blogs, or check our monthly Fashion Friday column - mix basics and patterns so it's easy to hide stains - always keep your travel toiletries stocked and ready to go - edit shoes down to essentials---max five for a carry-on! - use accessories like belts, scarves and jewelry to re-imagine basics

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[Photo by @tripstyler]