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[trip style = any] When she’s not training clients or being trained by her dog Zuzu, Leah writes Healthy On The Road, published the first Wednesday of every month.

At Healthy on the Road we often hail the benefits of walking---easily the most ancient and travel-friendly form of exercise you will ever find.

To the doubters who believe walking shouldn't be considered a valid form of exercise for anyone under the age of 65,  I challenge you to consider the words of my favourite talk show host, Ellen Degeneres: “Let your haters be your motivators" and prove the doubters wrong.

The Walking Secret If the benefits of a daily fitness walk could be packaged in a pill, it would be one of the most popular prescriptions in the world. In order to reap the rewards associated with aerobic exercise, we must walker farther, or faster, or both! Ideally, you should aim to get at least 30 minutes of continuous brisk “late for a flight-speed" walking in per day, aiming to accumulate 10,000 steps.

How To Clock 10,000 Steps In addition to your brisk fitness walk which can take place ANYWHERE, seize any opportunity where there's an option to walk instead of drive {aka avoid the airport's moving sidewalk}.

iPhone Saves The Day I used to pedal high praise for the pedometer, a nifty, pager-style gadget often clipped to a pant pocket or waistband. I now accept that I lost many of you at “pager-style gadget!” Not only does this device look a little more out of place than it would have in the '90s, but for many of us, it’s just one MORE thing to remember as we head out the door. iPhones saves the day; to the developer pedometer app, I thank you.

The Go Pedometer This nifty 99 cent app allows you to track your steps even while the phone is in your pocket, as well as tell you the number of calories you’re burning per hour, plus your average speed, current speed and distance traveled. Simply press the start button, put your iPhone in your pocket and off you go!

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