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Publishing a December travelers' gift guide has been a Trip Styler tradition since 2009. I look forward to it all year, and like Santa's head elf, test and tinker with the finds leading up to the BIG DAY. A lot of doodads dance across my desk, but here's the distilled list of 2012's most fabulous travely trinkets.

Trip Styler's 2012 Travel Gift Guide

1/ Techtouch {aka iPhone-Ready} Gloves A metallic-tipped index finger and thumb make answering email or instagramming below zero tooootally possible. Cost: $7.49 for a 3pk from Target

2/ Mini Kittour Travel Bottles & Bags Mini Kittour's spill-proof bottles and jars transport your liquids and creams in travel-friendly sizes. I've been using these plastic and recyclable toiletry vessels for six months---literally, they are holding liquids in my toiletry case while I'm in Dubai---because they're uber-slender and air tight. Cost: Two jars from $6 + shipping from Mini Kittour

3/ 2013 Cities Calendar Part art, part smart, the hand-painted cities calendar is a wanderer's telescope into faraway lands. Next stop: London, Tokyo, Bangkok, Cairo and NYC---every month is a new adventure. Cost: $34 + shipping from Drake General Store

4/ Smartphone-Charging Purse {aka the Everpurse} Finally, a purse that keeps up with your travels. Gone are the days when your smartphone loses power right before you snap that photo of the Taj Mahal. Enter the "smart purse" {we love the Onyx Fabric Clutch} that contains a Duracell charging mat so your phone can stay juiced while you're out and about. Plug in the mat overnight, and you'll be amped for the next day of roaming. Preorders are being taken for a Spring 2013 delivery. Cost: $189 + shipping from Everpurse

5/ Stealthy Laptop Sleeve If there's no safe in your accom abroad and you don't want to carry your laptop or tablet around town, these v-neck or hoodie laptop sleeves come in very handy. Burglars will mistake your computer {read: lifeline} for a folded t-shirt, and the cotton cases are reinforced with multi-layer padding! If you're a DIY'er, talk to your grandma about a Christmas sewing project. Cost: From $39 + shipping* from Computer Apparel *shipping within the US is free for orders over $35

6/ All-Time Faves {not shown above; see last year's gift guide for details} Travalo: a refillable, portable, spill-proof and on-the-go perfume atomizer. Vapur: collapsible water bottle.

Trip Styler Tip :: We're dishing out cool Christmas finds all month long. Look out for a KinderHop list and Travel Beauty picks!

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