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Word of the day: Moderation

Whether it's the holiday season {aka now} or you're on holiday, the temptation to indulge for a week, 10 days or a month of cookies, chocolates, cheese and cocktails is ever-present. Calorie overload!

If I haven't been diligent in my plan to eat everything in moderation for the first two days of party season or a getaway, sometimes I seem to give up and INTO these naughty Cs. I feel so deep into a caloric catastrophe it's like there's no point in "flying back to the land of wellness." So I stay and wallow in candy highs and lows. Calories win, I lose.

Yet, we always have a choice to leave the sugar shack. A-l-w-a-y-s. Just because you gave into temptation for a few days, doesn't mean there's no way out. Think of it as a blip on life's screen.

Every day is a new day. Don't wait until New Year's to get back on the healthy horse. SO WHAT if your diet consisted of candy cane ice cream, Cracker Jacks and Champagne cocktails for three days straight!

The holidays don't have to be a nutritional bust. Focus on healthy eating 85% of the week, and let yourself have a few treats in the remaining 15%, and while at parties get up close and personal with veggie plates, soda with lime and mandarin oranges.

{Leah normally pens HOTR---published the first Wednesday of every month---but this week I subbed in to write this health-focused holiday helper.}

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