Travel Beauty :: Gorgeous Hair in Five Minutes

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I recently took a few trip style = weekend trips with my family, which includes a squirmy, out-of-control one-year-old. Add to the fact that I'm almost 8 months pregnant and you'll understand why I literally never get more than five minutes to apply my makeup and do my hair. I've come to realize that unless I'm going out for a big night, none of us need more than five minutes to complete our look. All that's need is a plan and the right products and tools.

Let's start with hair {the five-minute face is coming next month!}; here are a few variations of my favorite style, the ponytail. Ponytails always look chic and put together, and best of all, they take minutes to create.

Sleek Create a deep side part then lightly smooth the hair back and secure into a low ponytail, leaving out a small 1" section of hair underneath the pony. Take that section and wrap it over the elastic band, securing it with a pin underneath. Brush through the ponytail to smooth the hair and use a light hair spray {I love Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray} to hold the style and keep frizz away.

Casual Start by spraying a texturizer like Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray throughout the hair for a beachy, piecey look. Use fingers to tossle the hair a little, part it down the middle and gather it at the back into a loose ponytail. Allow layers or bangs to fall alongside your face.

Trendy Use a comb to carefully backcomb the top portion of the hair, and lightly smooth it back maintaining volume. Gather hair back into a high ponytail, keeping the sides of the hair sleek but leaving the top of the head voluminous with height. Secure with an elastic and spritz with hair spray.

Romantic Create a slightly off-center part, then use a large barrel curling iron to curl the hair into big waves. You don't have to curl all the hair, just choose key pieces so you have more waves than straight parts. Don't brush the hair, rather use fingers to create this look as it's a soft, loose style rather than smooth and sleek. Gather the hair over one shoulder and secure into a loose side ponytail, allowing the curls to fall over your shoulder. Spray with hair spray and allow any layers to fall along the side of your face.

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