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When I was little, buying 10 postcards was much more fun than waiting for my shoddy photos to develop at the camera store. Once home, I'd stick them in my scrapbook along with leaves, museum ticket stubs, candy wrappers {read: the candy on the trip was as important as the trip itself} and other mementos from the trip. I bought my last postcard in Paris ten years ago {and consequently made my last scrapbook} when I conquered the Arrondissements and Tour Eiffel solo.

Now, there's an app for that.

Sending A Digital Postcard I used the Postino iPhone App {free, and available on other smartphone platforms too} to create and pen the above postcard about my recent trip to Montreal. After a two-min process of selecting the photo from my iPhone's photo library and writing the text, I entered an email address and hit send. In a few minutes, mommy and daddy dearest had a postcard from their gallivanting gal waiting in their inbox. Sure, most of us just email or iMessage vacation photos from our photo gallery, but I like the idea of sending something a little more stylized and formal. >If you want a postcard app that's a bit more sleek and customizable than the above example, try fCards {$0.99}.

Turning A Digital Photo Into A Physical Postcard If your Grandpa isn't email savvy and still wants the 411 on your trip, no problemo, both above-mentioned apps can also convert your digital postcard into a physical postcard, and send it via mail {for a small S&H fee}.

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[photo by @magabout // postcard created by @tripstyler using Postino]