christmas gifts for families on the go

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Christmas gifts for families on the go
Christmas gifts for families on the go

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The winter holidays are here and with it comes the stress of picking out just the right present for everyone on your list. Kids usually have a mile-long list---from here to the North Pole---of toys they would love to find hiding under the tree, yet most are not practical for travel. When it comes to hopping on a plane and exploring a new spot, compact is key. After all, you need room for a few changes of clothes in that bag you are carrying. From my traveling troupe to yours, here are my festive finds for families on the go:

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1/ iPad or Kindle Fire :: If suitcase space is limited, this is your go-to travel gift for any family hitting the road. No need to pack the case of DVDs; simply download your child’s favorite movies. Added bonus: include your child’s favorite picture books and apps saving even MORE space. A few of our favorite toddler apps Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Teach Me Toddler, Tozzles, and Angry Birds. Cost: $329 // $199

2/ Ergo Sport Baby Carrier :: The must-have baby item for any child under age three. When you need your hands free and baby just wants to snuggle down, this is the perfect carrier. Its neutral design makes it easy for dad to enjoy a little baby bonding time, while it's also gentle on mom’s post-baby back {distributing the added weight evenly across her hips and back}. Cost: $115

3/ FlashKids Spanish Flash Cards :: Small and compact flash cards are great to have on hand when little brains need some stimulation. These cards come with English translations and fun pictures, so if you have a little one still learning their first language, you can use the cards for English and/or a second language. Alternatively, wait for their native vocabulary to build and then use the cards again to add new words in your destination du jour's language. Ole! Cost: $3.95

4/ Zig Zag City Guides :: Rome is brought to life in this imaginative card series transporting you and your family through the streets of la dolce vita. A pop-up map lets your child take the lead in your adventures while they complete activities on the back of each card---how to order gelato, search a map of the Vatican City or learn how to prepare for plane travel---and discover fun facts about some of Rome’s most amazing sites. Even if you aren’t headed to the Eternal City, this is still a great way to introduce your child to a new culture. Works of art or educational tool, you decide. {Guides also available for San Francisco. Paris and NYC coming soon.} Cost: $28

5/ World Travel Pouch Puzzle :: Encourage kids to unplug with a travel-inspired map-slash-puzzle. Work their brains and fine motor skills as you explore where animals live across the globe. The small, resealable pouch makes it easy to pack in a purse or carry-on bag and brought out when little minds need some extra entertainment. Cost: $5.99

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