how to get luxe for less

Luxe For Less In B+ Destinations

[trip style = budget conscious + luxe]

{Editor's Note :: Stay tuned for a follow-up piece on B+ hotels---just as nice, sans the globally recognized brand name.}

"A", as in "it" destinations command A pricing. Take: - Wailea in Maui, - NYC in New York, - Miraflores in Lima, - Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong.

Stay in an A area of an A city and you'll pay the price. Sometimes it's what we want as far as convenience, and it's possible to save on the hotel with discount booking sites like Priceline or Hotel Tonight, however, to save an extra dollar or 75 of 'em, B can be best!

Consider the area just on the outskirts of A to achieve a luxe experience for less. B+ destinations can save you a ton of money because they have less international acclaim and less marketing dollars devoted to promotion. This doesn't mean they're a second-class choice or an inferior tourism option, just not as visible in the shadow of their successful sibling!

Some Brilliant Bs
  • A = Manhattan, NY. B+ = Brooklyn.
  • A = Seattle, WA. B+ = Bellevue.
  • A = Newport Beach, CA. B+ = Laguna Beach.
  • A = Palm Beach, Aruba. B+ = Eagle Beach.
  • A = Serengeti, Tanzania. B+ = Masai Mara, Kenya.
  • A = Sydney, Australia. B+ = McMahons Point {North Sydney}.

What are some of your "Brilliant Bs"?

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[photo by @tripstyler taken in Aruba]