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KinderHop is written by Trip Styler’s Seattle-based kid ‘n family writer, Keryn.

Yes parents, it’s true, your child will be able to carry their own bags one day. By the time my toddler was three he had his own backpack for toys and other must-haves he deemed necessary for our adventures. My rule is if you can’t carry it, you can’t bring it. This isn’t to say I don’t end up carrying that pint-size backpack more than he does, but he is learning early we all need to help out when it comes to travel. If I can make it easier by giving him a great bag he is excited to carry or roll around, it will make his travels that much more exciting, and my arms just a little lighter.

What makes a great kid pack? Stellar design, parent-approved functionality, and above all, durability and value for the cash. Here what's catching my eye right now:

1/ Skip Hop For the tiny toddler in your life these adorable animal-inspired backpacks are the perfect spot to stash a ton of toys and entertainment for your flight. Small hand luggage is also available and comes with a water holder on the side. Small backpacks or wheelie bag for kids makes things easier for mom or dad if little arms get tired or somebody falls asleep on the plane and you have to carry everything {and everyone!} out. Backpacks start at $20 usd, wheelie bags at $30 usd

2/ RoxyGirl Backpack Durable and just the right size for your punkrock preschooler and all her gear. Fit a few toys, a tablet and headphones in for them to carry all on their own. Parents of boys, have no fear. Once in a blue moon you can find a bag that is unisex and can work for your little rockstar mister---I did! Starts at $22 usd; prices vary depending on size.

3/ TrendyKid TravelKool Luggage A hardshell case that peaked my interest for kids who want their belongings ultra secure. Starts at $69.99 usd

4/ The Cuties and Pals Developed by a husband and wife team who took their little luggage idea to a big show: England's Dragon's Den TV show (similar to Shark Tank in the US). These cutie-patutie, animal-themed, polycarbonate products got rejected from the show, and then went on to be a RAGING success. Dragons have off days too... Suitcases start at $76 usd and can be found in North America on amazon, etc...

5/ Pottery Barn Kids Fairfax Navy Stripe Luggage Preppy and pulled together, this I'm-going-to-the-Hamptons-or-boating-type luggage can be personalized or left nameless. While it's not cheap, it IS water-resistant and has rubbery recessed wheels {a feature we love in suitcases}! Starts at $91 usd

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