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Travel Trend :: Plan my Trip

offermeatripzicassotripology The way we book travel has evolved once again. First there were travel agents. Then there were online DIY travel agencies. Now there's a hyrbid of the two. Recently a few travel sites have surfaced offering agent-planned itineraries based on travel seeker specifications. The catch: agents/agencies bid for your business.

How it works

  • Travel seeker goes to the agent trip planning site
  • Enters travel preferences: dates, destination, departure city, interests, etc...(in your own words & using check boxes)
  • Preferences are reviewed and itineraries put together by travel agents and tour operators
  • Trip plans are then submitted to traveller
  • Traveller purchases best plan and bookings are made

3 Personalized Trip Planning Sites Catching my Eye - Zicasso - Tripology - Offer Me a Trip (coming soon, but here's the development site)