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In Sydney there are two kinds of suits: well tailored pinstripe and tight fitting neoprene. People wear both, and like quick-change artists they transition from one to the other in a matter of seconds. After all there’s only so many daylight hours, so it's surf then work, or vice versa. To dispel any stereotypes, not everyone surfs and has natural bleach-blond hair, but, there are quite a few bombshells and hunks traipsing around in wet suits, bathing suits...and business suits.

Where else in the world can you run down an icing sugar-like beach and surf big swells, then hit up work for a few hours, and finish off your day with a beer and shrimp on the barbie? Speaking of which, when I asked some Australians about Paul Hogan's {aka Crocodile Dundee} iconic "shrimp on the barbie" saying, they laughed and said they cook sausage or chicken on the barbecue, but that it was a popular tourist campaign in the mid-80s.

With the juxtaposition of a splashy cosmopolitan city and the laid-back vibe of a beachy town, Sydney seems to do the impossible: achieve balance, and once you get beyond the city, you're more and more taken by the diverse land mass Australians have the pleasure of calling home. I just wish it wasn't so far away, but maybe that's part of its exotic allure?

Must-Dos must-dos + sydney

  • The Bridge Climb {more on this thursday!}
  • Opera House photoshoot
  • Manley surf n' brunch
  • Bondi beach day and drinky-poo at Icebergs, just bring your most fabutan beach cover-up, it's a fairly swish place...

Where to Stay Expect to pay $250+ for a 4- to 5-star hotel in City's CBD {city centre}, here are a few I suggest:

Where to Eat where to eat in sydney and outside of sydney

What To Know

  • Expensive - food prices are like London's and hotel prices are like New York's. I didn't totally expect this. A muffin is between $4-5 and a basic main at a nice-ish restaurant is $50.
  • "Internet Included" means internet is included but you'll pay extra for it. As mentioned above, the only two major hotels in Sydney with complimentary wifi are the Shangri-la and the Radisson.
  • Getting to and from the Airport - is easy via the train. For $15 each way you can easily and safely connect to Sydney's CBD.
  • Tipping - you don't really tip in Australia, but it's common and appreciated  to round up the bill {up to 10%}, for example, for $28 you could give $30, or for $95 you could give $100. We tipped a little extra to people who gave extraordinary service like the skipper and first mate of our Whitsunday Cruise or the pool bartender and server at qualia.

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