Travel iPhone Apps :: Skype

I would be remiss if I did a travel iPhone app series and didn't mention skype, the ultimate way to connect with your contacts worldwide.  Skype is one of the most important apps I use during travel for a few reasons: 1) call your skype contacts for free 2) call or text your skype contacts and specify your caller ID 3) conduct business as usual (if you want), even on the road

Skype App Details

  • free
  • Free Skype-to-Skype calls from any WiFi zone.
  • Call and text (SMS) phones and mobiles at great Skype rates.
  • See who’s online and send and receive instant messages on the move.
  • Receive incoming calls if you are signed-in.
  • Works with the iPod touch if you are in a wi-fi zone and have a headset with speaker
  • Create voice mail

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