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I have friends who are serious and talented campers, and I'm not sure how this is possible, but even their dog is good at camping! They make camping into a five-star eco experience with fresh-caught gourmet meals, custom-made camping accouterments and a reno'd camper.  All in all, they make it look easy. But for those of us who aren't as handy in the wilderness, here are a few over-the-top, yet fabulous camping aids to bring your next call of the wild experince from 1 to 3-stars without having to give up and go the nearest motel!

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Travel Trappings for Camping Coleman Blender Smoothie at sunrise anyone? Margaritas at midnight? Who knew that you could turn a night at the campsite into Margaritaville? This rechargeable and portable blender makes 48 ounces of your favourite frozen concoctions in approx 30 seconds. Your site will be the talk of the town.  Just don't forget the tequila, but that may cause you to forget quiet hours.  Find it for $65usd.

Inflate-a-Potty I'm not gonna lie, I really want this. It would make camping so much better! This inflatable, adult-size potty is a lifesaver in so many ways, but namely when you don't want to deliriously get up in the middle of the night, stumble over tent poles and pee on yourself (by accident). Using the inflatable commode in your tent is so much better than stumbling to the campsite washroom at 2am! What's even better is the description on the website: "take the clean, safe potty anywhere, fit it into your pocket, tote bag, backpack, purse, glove or boat compartment, etc..." It would be too easy to comment on this statement. Find it for $22usd.

Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven This 'little gem' is for when you're camping, but don't really want to be, so you bring everything but the kitchen sink. Owners of this 3,500 BTU, propane-powered oven, would say campfires are for sissies as they prepare their chocolate soufflés. In addition, it sports two 5,300 BTU matchless igniter range burners for boiling...whatever you boil in the wild. Find it for $175usd.

Enjoy the long weekend---whether you're staying in town or hittin' the road! Safe Travels.

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