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photoshop express for iphoneEdit photos on the go with Adobe's Photoshop Express. Although the first version of this app wasn't stellar (and some photo fanatics opted for CameraBag instead) the newest iteration has made significant improvements! Whether you take a pic within the app or select an image from your photo library, having the ability to edit photos on-demand is invaluable in our digitally obsessed (myself included) day and age. This app is significant because people are starting to leave their cameras at home---I know I do. With the iPhone 3GS' decent camera, and the iPhone 4's camera improvements (5mp, flash, record at 720pHD, front-facing camera), unless you're going on serious trip, using the iPhone's point-and-shoot for weekend or short-haul trips is usually sufficient.

Once you're done editing, upload the photo to your blog, facebook, twitter or email, or use it later and store it on your free online account.  Love it!

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Photoshop Express Details

  • free
  • works with iPhone, iTouch, iPad
  • create a free account to upload and store 2GB of photos and videos online
  • Edit photos
    • Basics: Crop, Straighten, Rotate, and Flip
    • Color: Exposure, Saturation, Tint, Black and White, and Contrast
    • Filters: Sketch, Soft Focus, and Sharpen
    • Effects: Vibrant, Pop, Border, Vignette Blur, Warm Vintage, Rainbow, White Glow, and Soft Black and White
    • Borders: Rectangle, Rounded, Oval, Soft Edge, Vignette, Rough Edge, Halftone, and Film Emulsion

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