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Camping already requires loading gear, driving to your destination and setting up camp; wouldn't it be nice to consolidate a few items and bring one or two less things?  Be more prepared and informed with the following apps:

Top 6 Free Camping Apps Nurse Jackie The App: 05 min: First Aid The Details:  Although not totally comprehensive, this quick first aid refresher will help you treat wounds or burns, or assist with fainting or fractures.  It takes 2 seconds to download and could be prove invaluable in the wilderness, or at your highly populated campground. FREE

Buh-Bye Mosquitoes The App: Bug Spray The Details: Yep, there's even an app to repel bugs.  Play cards around the coleman light late into the night, and turn this baby on to make sure your skin isn't ransacked by nature's little bloodsuckers. FREE

Let There be Light The App: Flashlight The Details: Who knew that making shadow puppets with your smartphone could be so fun?  Also use this app to light your way to the potty for those late-night when nature calls moments. With multiple flashlight colours to choose from, how could you not want to light your path with this snazzy app. FREE

Stings Attached The App: Knots Free The Details: No one likes a runaway campsite, so make sure all your tent and tarp strings are secured tightly to pegs and surrounding trees with this knotting app. FREE

Cook in Style The App: Coleman's Cookout Cookbook and Meal Planner The Details: It's amazing how many incredible meals can be made over a campfire--or a dutch oven (what? you'll have to download to app to see those details).  From cooking muffins in an orange shell to beer can-gilled chicken, you too can cook like Jamie Oliver on your next camping trip. FREE

Be Like Survivorman The App: SAS Survival Guide Lite The Details: If your scout or girl guides lessons fail you when it counts, revert to the SAS Survival Guide to refresh your skookum survival skills. Remind yourself how to build a fire, navigate by the stars and send distress codes. FREE

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