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Healthy on the Road is all about the unconventional workout while traveling, and there is no better season than summer for trying something new. Longer days, warmer weather, and hopefully some vacation time create the perfect storm for activities like hiking, sailing, biking, paddle boarding, surfing and kayaking to name just a few. These sports and activities can travel with you, or be awaiting you at your destination. So don’t fret about your gym schedule falling apart this summer, get active outside and enjoy this short season to the fullest!

Try Before You Buy Perhaps you already have an activity in mind which you’ve always wanted to try, or maybe you have the time and resources to get out there and try a bunch; whatever your situation may be, I have one word of caution: try before you buy. Don’t go crazy outfitting yourself with all sorts of gear before you've tried an activity at least once. Rent, borrow, take a lesson, and then decide if this is something you’d really like to go gangbusters with!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding This is the activity which I will be taking off the beaten path this summer. The popularity of this activity has been on the rise, and for good reason---it’s relatively portable, suitable for the beginner to the advanced, creates so many options for adventures and is a great workout.

Paddling I have always loved paddling---canoe or kayak---and appreciated the natural beauty these activities have provided me with opportunities to see, but I’m not such a fan of sitting! Stand up paddle boarding solves this problem. Standing means you can see a whole lot more of your surroundings (including the beauty in the water), while challenging your balance and core. It really is a complete, full body workout. As an added bonus, the flat board is relatively easy to throw on the roof of the car with some foam and bungees, saving you the need for a complicated roof rack system!

I am looking forward to doing lots of exploring on my board this summer on ocean, lakes, streams and waterways, and have already planned it will be a big part of my summer workout routine.

So, whether you’re on your own two feet, a board, a bike or a boat this summer, be safe, work hard and have fun, and enjoy the varied workout options the summer allows!

PS - If you want to rent a canoe, kayak or paddle board this summer in Vancouver, try Ecomarine Ocean Kayak Centre at Granville Island, Jericho or English Bay.

{When she’s not training clients or being trained by her dog Zuzu, Leah writes Healthy on the Road, published the first Thursday of every month.}

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