Healthy On The Road :: Holiday Edition

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Wherever your Christmas plans take you this year, you can count on one thing: temptation around every corner. Ironically, I would suggest that those staying closer to home might be “on the road” more. With social gatherings galore, shopping, local festivities, chances are you will be spending a lot of time “out” of routine {regular meals, workouts, sleep schedules etc...} and “in” the season’s wonderful indulgences {rich hot and cold bevvies, deelish appies and deserts AND comfy warm clothes that somehow make that forgotten workout not seem like a big deal!}

Here are some tips to help you enjoy this wonderful season---without drop kicking your health into the new year---while scurrying between work, shops, parties, and hopefully, the gym!

Keep Exercising With a hustling and bustling schedule, it’s all too tempting to push your regular workout routine aside. If shopping is stealing this important hour of your life, consider doing some of it online to save time. If getting ready for that party is throwing you off schedule, show up a bit late {most holiday parties are drop-in anyway}. With a quick, pre-party workout you'll feel better about yourself and have greater self control for those holiday treats on every counter and side table!

Plan To Snack And Drink Water Throughout The Day  I’m not talking butter tarts here, I’m talking fruits and veggies prepared and ready to munch on; at the office, in your car---especially on the way to a party! This way, you'll feel much more content with one delicious tart. And be sure to indulge a bit...’tis the season! Drinking a glass of water every hour is another way to keep your stomach fuller and help offset some of the holiday “cheer” you will no doubt enjoy in a glass...or 2 ;-).

Don’t Beat Yourself Up If You Blow It This is quite possibly the worst thing you could do to yourself during this festive and joyful time of the year. All we can do is our best. Remember, the majority of people only gain one pound over the holiday season; the problem is, one pound every holiday season can add up over the years! If you do experience a backslide this holiday season, committing to one week of hard work and a slight caloric deficit post-holidays should get you back on track. One day isn’t going to hurt you, just try to let it go. Tomorrow is a new day and new chance to be your best.

{When she’s not training clients or being trained by her dog Zuzu, Leah writes Healthy on the Road, published once monthly.}

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