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jetset jingles + rest and relaxation music[trip style = weekend getaway + sun]

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Rest and relaxation: two requirements that are always high on my list when it comes to vacationing. Some escapes are busier than others:  there’s trip style = sightseeing that has you going to and fro, taking in all there is to see at your destination; the action-packed trip style = active & adventure that has you climbing mountains or furiously paddling down a roaring river; or the trip style = urban weekend getaway that has you wining and dining in fast-paced cityscapes. While these kind of trip styles are eye-opening and exhilarating, sometimes you need a change of pace from the go, go, go to a relaxing, do-nothing-and-sit-in-your-hammock kind of vacation.

The playlist I created this month compliments the kicked-back and relaxed trip style I’m talking about….the kind of trip that has you sitting back with your feet up, unwinding from your hectic everyday schedule and enjoying the summer scenery.

Whether you’re lounging lakeside, unwinding poolside or sprawled out on your hammock, these chill out tunes will have you rested and relaxed in no time.

Happy listening.

Song List 1/ Porcelain - Play & Play: B Sides 2/ Teardrop - Mezzanine 3/ In the Waiting Line - Simple Things 4/ Gatekeeper (Full mix) - Open Season 5/ Take Five - Dave Brubeck's Greatest Hits 6/ Intro - xx 7/ Come Away With Me - Norah Jones 8/ Lebanese Blonde - Garden State (Music from the Motion Picture) 9/ This Is the Thing - Distance and Time 10/ Where Is My Mind - Novö Piano

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{Jetset Jingles publishes once monthly and is mixed and mastered by Nicole, amateur DJ by night and movie maven by day.}

[Photo by A. Ford]