Travel App Tuesday :: Tiffany's New York

[trip style = urban] Before you think I've lost my 18k rose gold marbles featuring a love-themed Tiffany & Co. app for travel, read on...

Daydreaming about Tiffany & Co. usually involves key necklaces, diamond rings and of course, the iconic little blue box. Now, there's a little blue app for that including a lovely surprise for travelers who favour trip style = urban: a guide to New York. {Also see Trip Styler's guide to NYC here.}

With 21 refined Tiffany-inspired suggestions for couples seeking cocktails and canoodling, magnificent meals, cultured activities and/or grand gestures in the Big Apple, I'm head over heels for the selections. And if you think everything's expensive, think again, much like the everyday and special occasion pieces the NYC-based jeweler offers, the picks follow the same pattern.

I have another trip to NYC planned in the late-fall with my sister, and even though this app is geared at couples, we look forward frequenting suggestions like art and city gazing at the MET's roof-top garden, and having a drink at the deco Bemelman's Bar.

PS - Navigate to The Art of Romance, then Tiffany's Tips: When Love Gets Serious to find 40 ways to better understand and impress your significant other---simple but helpful little reminders.


  • free
  • no wifi connection required
  • available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
  • to access the NYC travel suggestions, navigate to "Tiffany's New York" in the app, and view by list or map
  • though the app is designed for couples, the NYC restaurant, lounge and things to do suggestions could be used for anyone who appreciates curated suggestions

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