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camp cooking for foodies[trip style = camping] Going camping or glamping this summer? I haven't booked a campsite yet, and have no idea where I want to go aside from "somewhere" on the West Coast, but really want to camp this summer.

One of my favourite parts about camping is the cooking and eating. Previously, my understanding of cooking at camp was roasted marshmallows, fire-roasted wieners and boxed cereal, but thanks to some of my foodie friends {whose camping menus would make you drool}, and the app revolution, I've learned it's easy and fun, to prepare and cook foodie-worthy fare at the campsite.

Foodie Camping Apps Coleman’s Camping Cookbook I featured this app last year as part of a round-up of 6 free camping apps, but it's so good, it's worth mentioning again. Think camptastic food like bocconcini and basil s'mores, beer can chicken and muffins in an orange shell. Find recipes by cook method {stove, foil, dutch oven, grill, on a stick, etc...}, meal or ingredients. +  free +  no wifi connection required +  available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Epicurious Unless you "camp" in a mobile mansion {ie - decked-out RV with more bells and whistles than a condo}, you'd think Epicurous is not for the campground. But, foodies take heart, some of the recipes can be easily tweaked for the wild. Specifically, Epicurious' 'picnic ideas’ and 'grilled mains' categories are the perfect stating point for going to town in your outdoor kitchen. Here's what's for dinner tonight: grilled lemon-oregano chicken drumsticks with orzo, green bean and fennel salad. + free + no wifi connection required +  available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android

Food Network Canada Recipes Leave it to the hosts of the Food Network to inspire your camp's cooking adventures. Again, though this app isn't specifically camping-related, its recipes, especially in the 'grilling' and 'easy' sections, can be done at the campsite. Sit at your site's picnic table or in your fold-out camping chairs, and enjoy maple planked salmon with grilled lemon with apple, walnut, celery salad. + free + no wifi connection required +  available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

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