Travel App Tuesday :: Vancouver Street Food

vancouver street food apps[trip style = urban] Street food is getting hotter than picante salsa! All the cool cities have trucks, from NYC to LA and Portland to Vancouver. If you don't believe me, just look to ABC's new hit Friends-like show Happy Endings. Dave, one of the sitcom's main characters owns a street food truck. There's even a Food Network show on the topic {which I'd so rather watch than Man vs Food!}. Now that you're up on your street food pop culture....

It's also trendy for restaurants to expand their kitchens into trucks as well. I was dining at C Restaurant in Vancouver the other night, and the manager told me they're working on a street food truck project. Similarly, La Brasserie's restauranteur has also started a popular food truck, aptly named, La Brasserie Street {twitter link @labrasseriest}.

For those of you who think truck food is akin to those little make-shift BBQs on side streets or markets in Asia, think again. Food trucks are using gourmet twists to lure people outside of restaurants and onto the street! Case in point, one of Vancouver's pioneer and most famous food trucks, Roaming Dragon, serves items like basil lychee lemonade, chicken karaage and fried rice balls.

Here are some apps that will help you stay up-to-date on Vancouver's Food Truck scene:

Vancouver Street Food - See which food carts are nearby, open and most popular. Find up-to-the-minute opening hours, locations, contact information, etc... Requires wifi connection.

Eat St. - Redering results in Vancouver and beyond, Eat St. connects you to the best street food in your city {in North America}. Requires wifi connection.

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