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Jetset Jingles publishes once monthly. The ‘soundtrack’ is written, mixed and mastered by Nicole, amateur DJ by night and movie maven by day.

Like picking a trip style, music selection is a very personal and current-state-of-mind process. This month’s travel playlist is no exception to that rule. I asked the TS ladies to give me a couple of their travel music musts---songs that either get them excited for their upcoming travels or keep them going while transiting to their destination.

It’s a fun, eclectic mix! Here’s what they had to say about some of their selections:

Lauren {travel beauty} St Germain, So Flute Mariah Carey, Dreamlover “It brings back memories of listening to it on planes and while packing to get me excited to go away”

Heather {fashion friday} Brooke Fraser, Something In the Water Bill Withers, Lovely Day “Because everyone knows the words”

Keryn {kinderhop} Sarah McLaughlin, Ice Cream Paul Simon, Graceland “Because they have good beats that keep us motivated and moving down the road, even if it’s a very boring drive”

Leah {healthy on the road} Coldplay, Paradise M83, Intro “The arrangement is so inspiring when heading out on the road or on a run”

Trish {editor} Tom Petty, Free Falling Coldplay, Viva La Vida "It makes me want to dance on a beach until all hours of the morning, or until the bugs come out" {Nicole's Note: I secretly think this is Trish’s favorite song, like, ever. Whenever I ask her for a good tune for a travel playlist, she always suggests Viva La Vida}

Happy listening.

Song List 1/ Viva la Vida - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends 2/ Dreamlover - Mariah Carey: Greatest Hits 3/ Something In the Water - Flags (Deluxe Version) 4/ Lovely Day - Bill Withers' Greatest Hits 5/ Graceland - The Essential Paul Simon 6/ Free Fallin' - Full Moon Fever 7/ Paradise - Mylo Xyloto 8/ Intro - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming 9/ Ice Cream - Closer - The Best of Sarah McLachlan (Deluxe Version)

Playlist {Can’t view the playlist?}

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