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When she’s not training clients or being trained by her dog Zuzu, Leah writes Healthy On The Road, published the first Wednesday of every month.

Oh, the places you’ll go; oh, the places you’ll move!

Movement: “the act or process of changing place or position or posture.” {via Merriam-Webster}

Change of place is a no-brainer when traveling from A to B. Unfortunately, a lot of that change is accomplished while you sit or stand still in a car, cab, plane, train or tuk tuk. Consider how many hours it takes to get from home to hotel on a short-haul from Vancouver to LA---let alone a long-haul from North America to Asia! Not all time meandering needs to be mindless. Use transit time to tone!

Maybe you already seize these opportunities to do some squats on the spot or wind sprints in concourse A without a care in the world what your fellow travelers think of you {if this is you, I salute you}. However, if you prefer flying below the radar {pun intended}, I've found a great app that will help you sneak in some moves enroute.

Isometrics {for iThings; free} is dedicated to low-impact exercises that can be done anywhere. Tell the app what area you want to work on or where you are and it'll send some moves your way. Every exercise comes with a description, how-to photo---more real-world than something you'd see in Shape Mag---and a timer to track reps. Described as “an entire gym, fitness plan and personal trainer in the palm of your hand”, I'd say it packs a 2013 punch. *Android-ers, check out: Office Exercise

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