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betty white in tourism california video When we featured Air New Zealand's Sassy Flight Safety Videos with a streaking grandma and body-painted flight attendants, it was a hit. The entertainment doesn't stop there. Kim Kardashian reading quantum physics, dancing flight attendants and a handsy animal make up this week's travel videos, sure to make you laugh your way through 'hump' day.

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The Truth About California As if I needed any prompting to visit California. My love of the Cali aside, anything featuring Betty White means I'm in! That's why I love Tourism California's newest ad campaign playing up people's misconceptions of the sunny Westcoast state. In Betty's words, they'll show you "how we roll" (in California).

Air New Zealand Spaceseats To introduce their new premium economy spaceseats (which I'd like to book sometime soon), Air New Zealand is once again tangoing with the inappropriate---albeit hilarious.

Touchscreens In the same vein as the last video, the semi-risque airline is also making another introduction. Using Rico, their furry spokesperson animal, the wonders of their upcoming on-demand consoles are explained.

Dancing Flight Attendants Cebu Airlines, the Philippines second-largest carrier decided to spice-up their safety demonstration with a little Lady Gaga-inspired moves. Mimicking a jr. high dance, the gals and guys dance separately and each have different routines. Although this was apparently only a stunt, it was so well-received they are thinking of rolling it out on all flights because people actually payed attention to safety.

The Gals

The Guys

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