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disneyland mobile apps As mentioned in yesterday's post, I spent last Friday at Disneyland.  I didn't plan on playing make believe on my trip to Cali, but when the Park was only 20 mins from Newport, I felt I had to. Plus, I'd never seen the newish California Adventure Park nor the Bellagio-like World of Colour show. Disneyland Apps There are a lot of Disneyland apps you can pay for, but save your money, they aren't really worth it. Between the two apps below, plus Disney's mobile site, you're good to go. Just make sure your phone is fully charged!

Disneyland iGuide - Parktastiq Covering all the attractions and dining option in both parks, Parktastiq helps you make the most of your time at Walt's original playground with maps, park schedules and hours, ride statuses and wish/completed list. With all info organized in list form by park, then land, finding info is easy and quick. FREE

Disneyland California Mini Guide This map-based app includes Disney and California Adventure maps showing rides, attractions, restrooms and dining (with wait times) on the map. This app is best for a visual learner. Because it's kinda easy to get lost in Disneyland and California Adventure, having the option to consult the map on-demand is REALLY helpful. FREE

Mobile Sites Available on all smartphones, these multi-layered sites are helpful as far as timely and accurate info, but aren't downloadable so require multiple 'clicks' to get the info you need. Given Disney doesn't appear to have wifi, that's a lot of data roaming if you don't have a US data plan.

ps - if your smarphone's batteries get low, go old-school and grab a brochure with a map inside at the Park's entrance.

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