finding your summer beach personality

Tech Tuesday :: What Kind Of Beachgoer Are You?

[trip style = beach]

The idea of trip stylin' is taking flight, and we're excited to be the figurative first officer! Expedia recently launched their Discover Your Summer Escape Sale---one of their biggest sales of the year---partially designed around trip styles.

The sale comes in two parts: a} Discovering your perfect summer escape by selecting a destination through a package or a la carte. b} Discovering your ultimate summer beach-going escape through a quick quiz on Facebook.

Use the quiz to find your summer 2012 beach personality---be it zen, active, luxury, family, exotic, foodie, etc.... After completing the questions, you're matched with a travel blog like Trip Styler that best fits your answers. Each travel blog shares their bucket list and top pick destinations for summer travel inspiration, some of which you can book! We were lucky enough to be featured as one of these 15 travel blogs; check out our locales for Zen and Luxury trip styles.

PS - I have no obligation to mention Expedia's summer sale, but who doesn't want to talk about summer trip styles? If you're reading Trip Styler, I'm guessing you do!

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