packing basics

Master the Art of Packing

packing 101Do you have pre-trip packing figured out?

I don't think I'll ever have packing fully figured out. Every trip I take reminds me there's always room for improvement. But I'm up for the challenge, are you?

A Good Packer a) doesn't take much time to pack b) always packs for the climate c) brings the right---and appropriate---amount of clothes

Packing Tips Go Odorless

  • Bring a plastic bag or reusable laundry bag to stuff dirty items into throughout your trip
  • Pack dryer sheets to place between clothes to keep them laundry fresh

Be Efficient

  • Know the weather at your destination, and pack accordingly
  • Write a list before you go (and make a note of what you wear and don't wear for next time)
  • Assemble and keep a travel toiletries kit in a clear plastic case so it's always ready to go...or send toiletries to your destination

Your Right Foot Forward

  • Keep shoes in clear plastic bags so your other items don't get dirtied
  • Slip items like underwear, socks and electronic chargers into shoes

Use Your Suitcases's Real Estate Wisely

  • Wherever possible, unstructured or soft garments should be rolled instead of laid flat
  • Leave out socks, underwear, ties and scarves until the end to fill in packing gaps
  • Place belts around the perimeter or your bag

Preventative Maintenance

  • Wrap items you don't want to wrinkle in a suit bag, dry cleaning bag or tissue paper
  • Don't just throw in combs, brushes or spiky hair dryer attachments, cover them with socks, bags or tissue paper to prevent snags

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[photo by Drew Coffman]