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stayHIPI know you're hip, you know you're hip and my mom knows you're hip.  You're the type who flies Virgin America's first class (or who wants to), tweets while at 35,000 ft and orders a G+T (hold the lime) in-flight.  But, could your cool cat-ness be threatened by a chain hotel stay when you're lounging in S. Beach next month? Pas de problème, the StayHIP iPhone App rescues you from the mundane and transports you into boutique hotel bliss for over 40 countries worldwide.  Search boutique hotels in your destination by your flavor of the month: beach, industrial, lux, urban, chill, etc... to find the right place, the right crowd and the right vibe. Using the app, i just found a great hotel in Miami for June 2 - 4, that's close to the beach, has a coffee shop, bar, health club, pool and restaurant for $84/night.  Don't worry, I knew you'd ask, it does allow small pets.

StayHIP App Details

  • free
  • works with iPhone, iTouch and iPad
  • find and book boutique hotels
  • search by current location, destination, date or keywords
  • browse amenities, rooms, prices, pictures
  • compare hotel locations on google maps
  • in-app secure booking

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