Removing Travel Wrinkles From Garments

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Whether you're weekending, backpacking or heading to a posh private island, nobody's clothing is immune to wrinkling while travelling---unless of course you use a LV trunk to hang garments... Since most of us like to travel a little lighter than that, creased clothes are a traveler's way of life. Getting the wrinkles out is what sets you apart from the pack!

Even with all the right packing tricks---rolling or the fold-once method with tissue and dry cleaner bags---like aging, a few creases are bound to appear even in the most savvy traveler's suitcase! Who wants to go out with a polished outfit looking like it's been tie-dyed by your luggage? That's no way to travel!

How To Remove Garment Creases In Your Hotel Room {when the dryer or steam cycle isn't an option}

  1. Out - Take everything out of your suitcase or travel duffel right away; before your meeting, the pool, or the hotel bar! Hang items you want refreshed in the bathroom, ready for when you take your next shower...{Note: If you're city-hopping, I know it is annoying to pack and re-pack, so in this case, prioritize removing only your crease-prone garments.}
  2. Hang - Once your clothes are hanging at the end of the shower rod {away from water splatter}, give them a steam bath or sorts. The more you shower, the more the moisture will lessen travel-induced crinkles.
  3. Spritz - Lightly wet your hand or use a mini spray bottle to moisten lightly creased parts of the garment. Slap or shake it out.
  4. Release - Early this year I tried Downey Wrinkle Releaser and was shocked by the results. It actually makes scrunched fabric smooth! As a result, I now keep a travel-sized spray in my clear toiletries case every time I go away. Note, always test on a small, less noticeable part of the garment before heavy use! {Trip Styler Tip :: make wrinkle release spray yourself by placing one part fabric sofener to 10 parts water in a small spray bottle with a light mist nozzle. Test the concentration until you find the perfect mixture.}
  5. Hot/Cold - Use two items most resorts, hotels and motels always have on-hand: ice and a hairdryer. Start with a bucket of ice and rub a few pieces on top of the garment where creased, use the hotel hairdryer to dry and straighten up the area. Note that a straightener works well for relaxing smaller areas with significant creasing.
  6. Towel - Use a damp towel---preferably a new one you just showered with or slightly wet---and place on top of the garment for 10 minutes. Fight wrinkles like you really mean it by placing the towel on the bed, the garment on top and rolling it up for 10 mins.
  7. Iron - If all else fails, or maybe this is your preferred method {imagine that}, whip out the hotel iron and go for it like you're June Cleaver!

Do you have any garment de-wrinkling tips to add?

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[image created by @tripstyler with photos sourced from the web]