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When she’s not training clients or being trained by her dog Zuzu, Leah writes Healthy On The Road, published bi-monthly.

Last month, my traveling troupe hit the open road for a week-long road trip in our Volkswagen Westfalia. {Road tripping is easily one of my top three trip styles.} My husband and I have never really been lured by the golden arches, unfortunately our 4-year-old son can spot them from a mile away. My number one defense against fast food temptation while chillaxing enroute is having healthy snacks, lots of water and a few treats on me AT ALL TIMES. If I don't plan ahead for controlled cuisin'---get it?---then me, Wendy and Ronald become BFFs. To keep our bodies in fit form, EVEN on the open road, here are our must-have snacks for the highways and byways:

H2Eau Hydrated road trippers are happy road trippers. I s-w-e-a-r by this. Hot, cold, lukewarm; just drink it and drink lots of it, because we often mistake thirst for hunger. I always have a smaller water bottle on hand for each of us, and keep one or two bigger bottles filled for top-ups. On the topic of copious water consumption and stopping frequently for potty breaks, wouldn't you rather stay healthy, than be parched and famished atj every mile?

Herbal Tea I find drinking tea a really helpful way for me to ward off absent minded munchies. Before we set off, I make a big thermos of tea, or just hot water and lemon. It stays hot forever and I just sip away. Mint or ginger tea will even help with the occasional bouts of travel sickness I experience.

Savory Nibblies This trip we were really into snacking on baked lentil chips, low-salt tortilla chips, pretzels and Pirate's Booty {an all-natural, gluten-free snack with half the fat and fewer calories than the cheezies I typically obsess over while on the road}.

On-The-Go Meals Turkey pepperoni sticks, veggies {bags of snow peas or mini carrots}, cheese {Babybel---OBVIOUSLY} and crackers are my top trippin' foods. I'm also ga-ga over Ryvita crackers because you can easily top them with the above, and they are substantial enough to be called lunch or dinner.

Nuts Unsalted, protein-boosting cashews are where it's at. Pair them with an apple or a banana, and you're set!

Fruit Gummies and Jelly Beans Finally, a little cheating is ok once a day. To stop my fam from the temptation of gas station treats, I bring SMALL amounts of candy to satisfy our cruisin' cravings.

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