Tech Tuesday :: Fotopedia

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An image tells a thousand words, no? Preview the world from multiple angles.

Question What happens when you add a passionate traveler with the former Apple Apps CTO and a budding photographer?

Answer Fotopedia. The first collaborative, web-based, photographic encyclopedia---an upside down Wikipedia with more photos than words---compiled with user-generated photos sourced via seven different apps. Browse 27 shots of Machu Picchu's peaks and terraced land like you're there or 30,000 photos of UNESCO world heritage sites. Take a rare glimpse into North Korea via 117 blow-your- socks-off photography or gaze at 14 sequined and spicy costumes of Rio's Carnaval {just don't look at photo 7, it's a little too saucy}.

{Trip Styler Tip :: Foto fanatics, check out the site's daily magazine to browse sets like The City Of Angels, Venice Of The North or The Birthplace Of Jimi Hendrix.}

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[image via Fotopedia website]