Packed :: Summer Urban Weekend

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Right now I'm in Francais Canada, Montreal exactement, trying a melange of trip styles: urban AND active + adventure---a doozy for packing. And here's the kicker: I've just stayed in three different hotels over three consecutive nights { assignment for}. Double packing doozy!!

Always striving to encourage all trip stylers of the world to pack 'more' in 'less' space, I timed myself packing the day before I left. It took me an hour to select my clothes and fold them into my carry-on along with doodads {hats, camera, chargers, etc...} from my travel bin and always-packed travel toiletries {note to self: hire an Olympic coach to improve my packing time}. Knowing I'd be unpacking and re-packing a total of eight times, I tried to keep it chic and simple---after all, Montrealers are serious about le style!

{Trip Styler Tip: ALWAYS pack with your trip's itinerary in mind. Write out a day-by-day plan of what you're doing and where you're going as a means of building your list.}

My itinerary consisted of three dinners out avec fireworks and festivals apres, biking throughout the city's sights and stand-up paddleboarding {as well as a few meetings}. Packing accordingly, here's what I wore from day one to day four: {Forgive the poor quality of this photo--and the bike picture in general!!!}

Le Packing List {this is A LOT, I could've brought less} - two dresses - two skirts - 3 tank tops - blazer - 1 pashmina - 2 workout shorts - 2 workout tops - 1 light sweatshirt - runners/sox - wooden mid-rise heels - flip flops - t-strap sandals - booties - slippers - bathing suit {actually I forgot it, so I went SUP'ing in work-out spandex...classy}

{Trip Styler Tip: I know this sounds crazy, but other than adding a few more tops, this four-day packing list is MORE than enough for a week, or two, or three. Case in point, I brought the same size carry-on to Montreal for the weekend as I did to Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire for two weeks! For longer trips, pack for four days and just repeat/mix/match clothes.}

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Fashion Friday :: Like a Virgin

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{Fashion Friday posts are published on the last Friday of every month by fashion blogger Heather.}

I think my favorite expression is "Bananas!" I blame Rachel Zoe and Gwen Stefani. Speaking of bananas, did you hear the big news in travel fashion this month? {Sadly no, a law banning pyjama pants in airports has not been passed, despite my letters to international airport authorities.} Banana Republic has redesigned the uniforms of Virgin America's flight attendants and pilots. Virgin, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

In order to drum up excitement for the redesign, Banana Republic put its designers in teams for a design challenge à la Project Runway, with Virgin execs choosing the winning looks and Virgin teammates weighing in. The final looks, described as "utility chic", mirror the airline's branding and cabin aesthetic.

[youtube=] {Can't see the video? Click here.}

The new uniforms take flight next month, just in time for the airline's fifth anniversary. But wait! There's more! Like what you see on your crew? For a limited time, variations of some items will be available in Banana Republic stores and on Virgin America flights. It might not be high fashion, but it's definitely 35,000-ft-high fashion.

PS. Virgin isn't the only airline marrying fashion with function; Toronto-based Porter Airlines flight crew sport uniforms designed by Pink Tartan, while Korean Air flight attendants sport Gianfranco Ferre.

Trip Styler Tip: Flying through San Francisco? Be sure to fly out of SFO's Terminal 2, home to Virgin America and American Airlines. It not only has a yoga room and a Kiehl's, but also hip and healthy food choices like The Plant Cafe Organic, Pinkberry, and Cat Cora, where on my last trip a Virgin pilot serenaded travelers on a baby grand piano. It also has a wine bar if that's your version of yoga...

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[collage by @heatherlovesit & photos via virgin america]