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"Thou must try to place thy luggage in the overhead bin within a one-seat radius."

When circumventing the globe by plane, train and automobile, the above tip and other etiquette suggestions are important to know, to avoid mishaps or faux pas. Since it's travel etiquette month, we're taking the opportunity to feature two etiquette apps for Travel App Tuesday! And what better place to have social and societal do and don't info than on-the-go, when you need it most!

Conde Nast Traveler has a great etiquette app, but as much as this pains me to say, it's only available on a Blackberry, so iPhone users get their pick of Etiquette Survival Guide or Etiquette for all Occasions. Both of these apps are free, funny and present a fairly bland {yet important} topic in a fun way. For example, this tip from the Etiquette Survival Guide could not be more true: "Thou shalt always demand the taxi driver to use the meter. Never trust the driver giving you a good deal."

Although neither app is dedicated to travel etiquette, both dish out good reminders of how to communicate with people {on the road} which is especially important when you're tired, stressed out and miss the conveniences of home.

For more travel etiquette info you can read on your smartphone or your personal computer, check out this comprehensive list via Conde Nast Traveler.

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