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trip advisor appYay and f-i-n-a-l-l-y!  After much anticipation, Trip Advisor launched its first iPhone App last Tuesday.  Now you can access "the world's most trusted travel site's" mammoth offering of user-generated reviews, as well as book hotels and flights in-app. I have a love/hate relationship with Trip Advisor.  I love and value the reviews from smart, savvy travel 'advisors,' but strongly dislike the reviews from bent-out-of-shape travelers who just want to rant.  However, I recognize that a site with thousands of daily reviews is bound to have a few bad apples in the bunch.  Either way, I'm a big fan and am very excited about the app!

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Trip Advisor App Details

  • free
  • works with iPhone, iTouch and iPad
  • access millions of user-generated reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc...
  • add your own review
  • formatted for 20 countries and 13 languages
  • find and book flights
  • get directions using GPS for walking, driving or public transport

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