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Last week I talked about the wonders of ITA Software---an MIT grad's brainchild and the power behind KAYAK, Orbitz, Bing Travel and mulitple airlines. Even though the software is used by these major players in travel search, it's also available for the public to use as a flight research tool. Many industry insiders swear by ITA's search capabilities, and recently the company launched an app, aptly named OnTheFly.

Savvy raod warriers and semi-techy geeks, this apps's for you. Offering an advanced and comprehensive way to search for any flight itinerary, the app displays each flight option in what can only be described as a 'dreamy' format---one of the best I've seen---comparing options across airlines, dates, and alternate cites/airports.

OnTheFly App Details

  • free
  • works with iPhone, iTouch, iPad (android and blackberry apps planned later in 2010)
  • like the website, this is a research-based tool, so once you find the flight you want, you must book with the provider by phone, email or online
  • the flexible airport selection suggests additional airports and allows multiple airports to be selected
  • search flight(s) by one way, round trip or multi-departure/arrival
  • choose your cabin of choice: coach, business, first
  • granular control over search parameters allows you to specify number and type of passengers (such as adult or child), departure and arrival times, number of permitted stops, etc...

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