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happy hours in the USAWhether you call it happy hour in North America or chicetti in Italy, sitting down for a bev and some appies in late afternoon is a fun way to bring in the eve. And speaking of Italy, the Italians have it figured out. Chicetti isn't just a drink, but a ritual where you buy a drink, and in doing so, gain access to a large spread of carb-induced pasta dishes, rice salads, bruchetta, pizza and much more.

If you aren't able to try the ULTIMATE happy hour in Italy anytime soon, here are some great apps that point you to the best happy hours in the US of A. Sorry Canada, there doesn't seem to be any happy hour apps for us right now.

Free Happy Hour Apps Happy Houred US-based service with multiple happy hours listed for big cities, plus a user-generated info.

Happy Hours Although this is one of the most comprehensive happy hour apps, you can only download it through the US App store. Also available for Blackberry and Android smartphones. Another way to access the same info is through their mobile site:

Cocktail Compass - Seattle This Seattle-focused app lets you find the best happy hours in the Emerald City! Don't miss the Cocktail Compass app for other major US cities as well...

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