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Don't lie, I know you look forward to flipping through the weird and wonderful pages of the SkyMall catalogue each time you fly. Even if you've just read it on the way there, it's still just as interesting a few days later on the way home. Oh SkyMall, your gadgets and gizmos not only provide incredible reading entertainment, but some are not half-bad: like the swirl 'n go smoothie maker or telescoping gutter cleaning tool!  On the other hand, some items are just plain weird, like this zombie head that sticks out of your garden (26 people have even reviewed it, wow) or this great white shark sculpture.

Now you can get access to all these things, at 0 versus 35,000 feet with SkyMall's mobile app!

SkyMall App Details

  • free
  • works with iPhone, iTouch, iPad and blackberry
  • you don't need an internet connection to browse, you just put items in your 'cart' and checkout next time you have a wifi connection
  • entire catalogue available
    • search by product name or catalog number
    • category list helps you browse through thousands of items
    • creative gift finder makes shopping fun
    • read detailed product descriptions
    • view product star ratings

PS - if you want to read a REALLY funny weekly column about SkyMall products, find it each Monday on Gadling.

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