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Sit or Squat travel appWhen you gotta go, you gotta go! Now there's an app for that offering map and list-based info on the closest bathroom. The 99,000 worldwide listings are constantly growing given the app's user-generated content. Users can add new listings, review current restrooms and even see a picture of a salle de bain before deciding whether to SitOrSquat. Moms and dads, there's even a search function for bathrooms with changing tables. The fun doesn't stop here: for some bathrooms, you can even find out extra details like if there's condom- or lady product- dispensing machines.

This app works best in major cities like New York with lots of active bathroom users and reviewers. I tried this app for Vancouver and the results are decent. I'm looking forward to trying it out this coming weekend in Portland...if nature calls and there are no facilities in sight.

I like this app as a back-up plan. Being the world's ultimate bathroom finder is a tall order, but I salute the app's creators and Charmin---the app's sponsor, and not surprisingly a toilet paper company---for trying. Finally, if you're really in a #1 or #2 jam, you can text the word "sitorsquat" to DOTCOM (368266) and follow instructions to find the closest bathroom to you.


  • Free
  • Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Blackberry

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