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panorama iPhone appsIf a picture's worth a thousand words, then a panorama must be worth a sermon. With the iPhone's decent camera, and fewer people taking their cameras on vacation, a slew of panorama apps can help you take that extra special shot. Here are four prominent and talked-about panorama apps from $0 to $2.99. Panorama iPhone Apps

  • Panolab (free)
    • Is the free version the best version? Industry insiders vote no, but for a basic panorama stitch-up without many bells and whistles, free is always a great price.
  • AutoStitch Panorama ($2.99)
    • Based on the photo and tech blogs I read to research this post, people seem to be most partial to AutoStitch in comparison to the other payed apps because it's intuitive and doesn't require precision alignment.
  • 360Panorama ($2.99)
    • This recently updated app creates panoramas in real time versus needing to stitch them up later. The app's developer notes it works best for outdoor panoramas, so unless you're creating a virtual tour for your home, you're good to go!
  • Pano ($2.99)
    • Selected by Apple as one of the "best apps of 2009," Pano can take a panorama with a final resolution of up to 6800x800. Not too shabby for an iPhone.

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