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boiling frog US appDesigned to keep you out of hot water while adventuring, the Boiling Frog app has been assisting with first aid-related inquiries in the UK for awhile, and just became available in the US/Canada last week. Dubbed as a health and safety travel app, one reviewer noted it's like having federal agent Jack Bauer {from the once-popular TV Show 24} in your pocket. Works for me! Yet, the app's masterminds are more legit than Jack Bauer. With backgrounds and current posts in the military and first aid---specifically ex Special Forces, ex Royal Marines, leading GP and first aid specialist---I don't know about you, but these are the kind of people I'd want my first aid advice coming from when I'm stranded on a deserted island.

Speaking of what you thought was a deserted island, if you encounter foreign island-dwellers in a Lost {Former ABC TV Show}-like experience and need to administer some impromptu care for treating a jellyfish sting, you can save the day with the app's picture dictionary, a first for a travel & first aid app. Just don't forget to bring your smartphone's solar charger...

PS - To remedy a jellyfish sting, the app advises to: scrape area with blunt knife, apply vinegar or urine, then a cold compress. I only knew the urine part until now...


  • $2.99 usd
  • works with iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Blackberry and Android
  • features
    • listen to first aid advice on the move
    • watch short videos illustrating travel and first aid tips
    • step-by-step guides for how to react to minor accidents to major disasters

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*I was asked to review this app, and it was provided to me free of charge, but this app is very cool, and I'd buy it.